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Sibling Masturbation?
My boyfriend told me that he used to masturbate to his half sisters that he just met a year that normal?
Half sister still means that they are related by blood weather it is moms or dads.That's just disgusting. No it is not normal at all. Gross,Gross,Gross.
Is it normal to fantasize over your sibling during masturbation?
I am 24 and I have a sister that is 38, sometimes I fantasize over her. Has anyone done this?
noo, i have about my cousinn.

if she's goodlooking then haha, yeahh its normal.
just don't act on it! now THAT'S not normal.

keep it to yourself (;
Have you ever had a strangely normal conversation about sex with a sibling?
My twin brother and I were talking this summer... about everything. It was wierd. But at the same time it was normal, as if we were talking about the whether. Even when the topic got to masturbation it wasn;t strange... who else has had something like this happen>?
yeah i getcha. my sister is a year younger than me, and i understand the "strange normal" thing. What's wierd is we have talked more about sexual stuff than my younger brother and I have, but that is probably because my brother is four years young than i am
so my cousin asked his dad what masturbating was all about and his dad told him and showed him how to do it. is that normal, I was shown by my brother, I think it was better to hear or see about it by a sibling or a close friend than a dad.
well unless him and his dad have a very honest and open relationship...i guess it's ok for a dad to show his son...but I think a sibling like a brother or cousin would be a better choice or even a close friend. That's how I my cousin and he's like 2 years older than i am. I was 12 he was 14.
If you caught your young guy (under 12) self pleasing or experimenting with a friend, would you punish?
I would like to believe that we can leave well enough alone, but there are some parents who might freak out at catching their guyren, especially under a certain age solo touching or experimanting with a same age friend or a close-in-age sibling, same sex or different.... some may even punish. Just wanted to get some people's takes on this. I would probably leave it alone... embarassment would probably teach them to lock the door or find a better place to do it next time. Punishment would teach them that sex or masturbation is bad and they are not bad in the least, as long as practiced safely.
No, but I would take the time to gently explain (again) that it is inappropriate at that age and won't be allowed. I would tell the other youngster that either they or you can tell his/her parent since you are responsible for what goes on in your home with regard to minors. That will let the other guy's parents know that you care.
My brother has masturbation issues... eww?
Being his only avaliable sibling, my brother confessed he masturbates (ewww). He also told me when he has being having headaches during. Does anyone know what causes this?
A lottttttttttttttttttt of people masturbate, it's perfectly natural, and healthy actually. Headaches are normal.
Do you think its appropriate for siblings to share details about their sex lives?
I know a brother and sister who share way tmi with each other about sex and masturbation and I think its kind of weird. What do you think, is that appropriate or not? How much have you shared with your brother or sister about stuff like that?
It depends on their ages.
Such as I have a 19 year old sister and I am 21. I share some experiences with her because she is my best friend. I do not go into details.
But I also have a 5 and 7 year old brother who I would never share any of that information with lol.

I have a close relationship with my sister; best friends; so to me it's like telling any of my other best friends. Girls share some of that stuff but if it's a far age difference and the other sibling should not hear about that stuff yet someone should talk to them both.
Can (Porn/ Masturbation) addiction lead to cheating?
I have been addicted to Pornography for about 10 years now..since i was about 13.. and it has gotten progressively worse...Ive done watched it in the same room as my siblings were sleeping.. . Also masturbate compulsively... and imagine things that i normally would despise...
I can't stop...
I also have some Obssesive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)...
I cheated on my gf last year.. i kissed 3 girls.. i put my hand down one's pants.. no sex.. i held back..(met her online after cyber sex) the other two i knew. But i honestly feel as though i didnt want to... I need help.. and advice
No, you cheat down to what kind of person you are, not because you masturbate to much, thats a poor excuse
Please Answert this, What should I do?
My Mom is a Born-again Christian, but Me and my Dad, and Sibling and other relatives are Roman Catholic. But my mom always wants us to attend mass in a born-again church. But the Problem is, I want to be a Roman CAtholic but my mom wants us to be a Born again Christian? What to do?

Another thing is that, How can I stop Masturbation. It became an addiction really. Already make tons of resolution to stop but I end up Doing it.
Your gonna have to have a serious talk with your mother. You have to tell her that she can't force down her path of religion. You have to find your own way... My dad and I are different religions, but we still believe in the same god... You and your mom are gonna have to come to some type of compromise that you both can live with...
Sexual abuse, psychological problems, and codependency?
I'm a 14 year old girl. During my life, I have tried to suppress a very scarring memory. I believe now I have been sexually abused. Let me just say that a lot of what I'm about to say is very...wrong. I'm very ashamed to look back on it. I've tried to tell my parents about it, but I fear they might view it wrongly and judge not only me but my sister. Because when I was 5 or 6 and my sister was 8 or 9, she made out with me. She took me from innocent toddlerhood and corrupted me.

I don't know if those were the ages that we were. I do know, however, that we were both very young. Since we had been raised to do it in order to conserve water and save some money, my sister and I bathed together. And one day, she kissed me. I giggled, of course. I didn't know what she was doing, and she didn't either---especially with how young we both were. I think something had influenced her to do it. She might've seen a movie from which there was a kissing scene, but I'm not sure. And after she kissed me, we kissed a lot. Eventually, and I don't know how it happened, my sister started making out with this girl who was just a year younger than her. I would often be asked to stand guard, make sure no one was coming when they made out. I did what I was told. Again, we were very young and stupid.

(Quick note: I'm straight. I like guys. I've never like a girl.)

After just a year, my sister and I stopped making out. We both grew up. I found myself thinking about sex even when I was ten years old. Almost dreaming about it. And then I started to develop habits, always apologizing to people, wanting to make them feel better, hoping to get rid of problems. I genuinely cared for people and because of it people called me one of the kindest people in the world. I really liked that. It made me feel better. So I thought through different perspectives. I tried to understand why people were they were.

And even now I'm thinking about myself, why I'm the way I am. I'm addicted to masturbation. Like I said, I'm straight. I don't think I'll ever be a lesbian because of what happened between me and my sister. One time, however, when I was in middle school I was getting in the shower (naked, of course) and my sister came in to brush her teeth and I told her to stop looking at me because it made me uncomfortable. She snapped, "I'm not a lesbian! You don't have to tell me!" And she got really defensive about it. Of course she's straight, too. She's been in a lot of relationships with guys. But afterward I talked to her about it. She told me she remembers what she did to that girl, when they made out. And she said she felt horrible. I asked her why she did it and she told me she didn't know, just that she was young and stupid.

I started to feel angry. Why was she feeling guilty about that girl? Didn't she feel guilty about me as well? I felt that, in a way, she had ruined my life. And that's probably why I treated her so badly when we were growing up, even though she's the older sibling. I would often snap at her, insult her, and she'd demand to know why I was so mean to her.

I still don't understand it. Was I sexually abused? What could have derived from this experience? Am I codependent? I feel as if I know a lot, but there are so many things still unexplained.

Again, I'm a 14 year old girl. I like to think of myself as very mature and advanced for my age, considering I'm in very advanced classes. That's why I also like to think that maybe what I believe is right. That I'm codependent, I was sexually abused, and that something could be wrong with me. However, I need advice about it. What should I do? I want to tell my parents, but I don't know what they'll say or do. I don't want them to look down on my sister; I want them to understand that maybe some kind of evil had been influencing us. I want them to understand what both of us went through without judgments. I don't want them to think we had started out as lesbians, because we never once felt that way toward each other. All I know is that I'm addicted to masturbation now, I feel hatred toward my sister sometimes for what happened, I feel the need to always help people (and I want it to stay that way, because let's face it, everyone's better off happy and I'm happy doing it), and I feel that despite how much I've recovered from the incident there are still some things that are incurable. So here are the questions in summarization:

What's wrong with me? Was I really sexually abused? Am I codependent? Should I tell my parents, and if I should tell them, HOW should I tell them?

I know this is a lot to chew, but I really appreciate anyone who read this message. I think I'll be more at peace with myself knowing I've told somebody about it AND knowing somebody might've read/listened. Thank y
Get over it. You have invented a story in your head that provides you with 'victim status.' - A convenient way to allow you to feel bad about yourself so you can avoid taking on any responsibility.

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