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Older Models?
I have a friend who is absolutely beautiful but thinks she's too old to be a model because you all start out SO young; but are there any people out there who started modeling in their late 20's ; early 30's? If so what types of modeling jobs are available for this age group?
There's lots of ads that require older models, and there are magazines such as Health magazine that seem to only use women in their 30s and 40s. I'm sure there are many jobs out there for her, and maybe its less competitive than high fashion modeling.
Where can I find a good site that sells older snowboard models?
I'm tired off looking through all the 07/08 models that I just can't afford. I wouldn't mind buying a 05 or 06 Forum, Burton, Ride, K2, etc. I can't find many sites that offer older models. Anyone know where I can find some?

There are some out there. Check the sites below, they have some nicely priced boards.
Why can't car dealerships recycle their own older models and give a better depreciation value back?
I mean for the car dealerships to have their own junk yard machine to crush their older models and then reuse it for another car. It's better than leaving it in the woods.
I think Sweden or Norway has a program where the cost to recycle all their new cars is paid up front when you buy one. It adds several hundred dollars to the cost of cars but that way, the price to recycle them is already accounted for and is an incentive to turn a car back to a recycler once it's useful life is used up. They also have a much more refined recycling process that disassembles many parts of a car rather than just crushing.
With the price of scrap metal being what it is, most "field" cars could be turned into a recycling center for a good price and they are reused to make new cars and other products. Dealers don't want their customers to see that their beautiul new car will be so much scrap in several years.
Parts of older cars worth more than newer models?
I'm writing a story for a creative writing class about an organized crime group that steals cars and then sells their parts, and I need some car help!

In my research, I found that thiefs usually target older models of cars because their parts are worth more than the newer models. Why is this?

Thanks ahead of time!
Even for newer cars, the sum of the parts is worth more than the whole. With older cars it is even more true, due to the scarcity of the part and/or the popularity of the car.
Are cobalt parts the same as in youger and older models?
We want to get a 2009 cobalt from an auction and cant really find any body parts but they have parts from older models like 06, 07 and 08, does the 09 have different parts or similar to therse years? Thanks for your help.
If you're talking strictly about "body" parts, then they are the same. Headlights had minor differences (amber turn lens versus clear), and the grille design changed, but overall, the fitment is the same.

Mechanical parts are mostly the same (assuming you get them from the same trim level Cobalt). There were some minor mechanical differences.

There were also a few minor interior changes. The radio and stereo changed in 07 I believe.

Your best bet is to check a site like CobaltSS.net. The enthusiasts there should be able to give you details about specific parts.
Where can you find older models of Dita Field Hockey Sticks?
I am thinking about getting a Dita Field Hockey stick, but none of the new ones strike me. I was wondering if there was a website (that ships to the US!) that has the older models.
Retailers often dump older model sports equipment on Ebay to make room for new stock. There are currently 3 auctions and 6 buy-it-now entries for new Dita sticks. You might want to try some new equipment before going for an older model, though. There's generally a good reason why older models are discontinued.
What are the older models of the BMW 325?
There's one I saw that's an older model, I don't remember what letters it was and what not. Can anyone list me the models?
I think your question is the how many different 3 series cars are there. As an example in 2007 there is no 325, the 2 sedans are a 328 and a 335. So if you see a 3 series with a 2.5 litre engine that would be a 325. The " I " follows the series and engine, so 325i or if its a older coupe or convertable it would be 325ci or 323ci (2.3 engine coupe). The 2nd generation had an e engine as well so you may have seen a 325e. In europe you might see a "d " ( ex. 320d) which is a diesal engine.

BMW identifies the model by chasis, they will produce that chasis for about 6 years. They currently manufacture the e90, before that is was an e46, e36 and the e30 .The BMW 2002 model was actually the first 3 series. Most point to the 2002 as the first ever sports sedan, it was Americas introduction to the BMW back in the mid 70s.

A side note: Car and Driver magazine publishes a "10 Best List" every year. The BMW 3 series has been on that list for 15 straight years, thats three completely different cars.
Do the new 2009 4 cylinder Ford Escapes really get better gas mileage than older models?
I've heard that the newer 4 cylinder 2.5L Escapes get better mileage than the 2008 and older 2.3L models. Something like 20-22 with the 2.3's and 24-26 with the 2.5's. Is this true?

I'm speaking of the basic 2WD automatic models BTW. I'm asking because I prefer the look of older Escapes, but I want the one that gets the best mileage.
The 2008 4cyl (2.3 liter) , fwd, automatic Escape is rated at 20mpg-city & 26mpg-hwy (but only gets 150ish horsepower)

The 2009 4cyl (2.5 liter), fwd, automatic Escape is rated at 20mpg-city and 28mpg-hwy (but gets 175ish horsepower)

There is more bang for the buck in the 2009, but if you like the old bodystyle (2007 or older) the difference in the fuel economy is not all that big of a difference for the highway driving and about the same for the city driving.
I like the extra power so I would opt for the newer engine/trans ...
But I also like the newer bodystyle too
Difference between 09 Suzuki Hayabusa and older models?
What's the difference between the 2009 Suzuki Hayabusa and the older model Hayabusa 2000-2005. The newer models have oxygen sensors, does that make any change of increase or decrease in the horsepower?
The older models cost way more than they are worth, and the newer models cost even more. =] [By a r6 or a cbr, best performance for your money]
2011 3 door Yaris compare to the older models?
I recently receive a new 2011 Yaris a few days ago. I want to buy floor mats and a dash mat, but I don't want to pay top dollar for the new model car. So, my question is how much similar is the dash compare to the older models and does that apply to the floor mats?
For car floor mat info you can check out this info site

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