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Name of film that involves older author staying at friends pool house and deals with his wild daughter?
The film involves a woman (an author) who is staying at a friends pool house or guest house and her friends wild sex crazed daughter is the only one home and gets drunk, has guys over, sunbathes nude etc etc.

The daughter is wild and crazy and ends up being the subject for the older ladies novel.

I saw it on hbo or showtime one time.

I believe it is called something like "the visitor" "the weekend visitor" "weekend guest" "guest"
Something like that.... but I'm not sure.

Any ideas??
Swimming Pool :)
Is it bad to rise to the occasion when posing nude for an all female art class?
I got a temporary job posing nude at the local community college for a art class. It's a small class but all female this semester and I am a little nervous because I think that I will rise to the occasion (ladies you know what I mean).

So is this bad? Do you think that the ladies will mind painting me that way? I just turned 18 and have a hard time controlling myself. Most of the ladies are older and in their 30's but are extremely attractive. Do you think this might be a problem? I don't think that I can get in trouble for something I can't control.
Haha. My friends and I were just having a discussion about this the other day. I would find it slightly rude if my male model got a hard on while I was drawing him. Sometimes yes it is hard to control, but it's somewhat crude. And it's moving, and you're not supposed to move while posing.

Just think of things like your grandparents, STDs, gross things like that. Try and meditate if you can. Or fix your eyes on a spot in the back of the classroom that will not turn you on.

You have the power to control it. Use the thing attached to your shoulders.
Ladies, I'm no fashion slave, but what's with the black pantyhose only or do we wear nude, sheer hose also?
Women should know from someone other than today's current fashion designers who are either sheepish following snobs or gay men who essentially don't care what men like to see on a beautiful woman, because they're not attracted to them! Pantyhose are not for old ladies, a few years ago they "were" according to fashion, and now it's just nude hose. These rules are made up, so you feel like you need to follow a guideline to what's in, and so you'll want to buy more stuff, like a crap load of leggings(which are cute, but not nearly as sexy). Nude hose are the nicest, because it can draw a man to your legs more and if they match your leg tone perfectly it almost looks like you don't have pantyhose on. But of course you do, because they look better, and sandal foot pantyhose are the best, because it's the only way to tell, looking at our pretty feet in sandals up close! It excites many men.
The first part of this is a bit harsh. Fashion is no longer simply what cavewoman:1 wears to attract caveman:5, it's become an art that everyone, including gay men and straight women, can get into.
Your fashion psychology is pretty generic, but true.
I agree that sheer/nude pantyhose can quite often give the illusion of awesomely smooth and clear legs, depending on how they look. They are also pretty warm! But, the black pantyhose,among other colors, and textured pantyhose like fishnet and lace, are having a continuous heyday that began in the 60's when pantyhose, as we know them, were introduced. It's not as bad as you think, and I myself own a pair or sheer, and a glittery pair of nudes, along WITH my prints and various textured pairs. And stockings. And knee highs.
My last point might be that people just pay more attention to their hair these days rather than their legs, I think. Not only because there are mirrors made specifically for faces, thereby the hair surrounding, but also because stark nekguy shaved legs are "in." Now, hair hasn't replaced legs, and you could substitute the word "hair" with "breasts"('cept the mirrors bit!), but a lot of other things excite men.
Good Luck! :)
Older ladies,55+,is this possible?
i like to be nude,but i want to find a female friend or someone looking for a houseguest or roommate that is comfortable with me being naked.is it possible to find somebody like that?
If you think it would be some kind of thrill for an "older lady" 55+ to have your naked skinny *** in the house think again, there is a lot better than you out there, and assuming +55 women are "desperate" shows how young and silly you are because they arent. If you think +55 is old, you are not a very bright little boy at all. There are real men for them to date, not some freaky little guy who wears ladies lingerie and looks up cheerleaders skirts --

Whats your mother doing? Did she kick you out?
I want to show women my nude photos?
Hello, I am 28 years old. I have nude photos of myself. Any ladies interested in viewing them? I can post my blog here.
No No and No
How many Terrorists has TSA caught so far by groping 3 year olds and harrasing old ladies?
As well as taking nudes of your wife and guys,and groping your junk?
Zero of course. But what's worse is that they have caught exactly zero terrorists so far. They whole thing is theater not security.
Im a life model and would like to know if ladies actually like to look at men nude?
35 yr old male life model in west mids
Lol well considering you posted this in the LGBT section, I'll answer appropriately by saying no. I for one, as a lesbian, don't like looking at guys naked lol
What's the most disturbing nude scene you've seen in a movie?
I gotta go with the old naked lady in the shining. That made me shake.
just because your old doesn't mean your not hot at your age
How do i bed this older (50yr)old woman and im 30...help!?
Heres the deal. I met this woman at college. She works there. I have known her for a yr in a half or so. She is 50. Im 32. She looks like shes 25 , you would never know. Hot as sin also. And she has a bunch of guys. All daughters in their early 20's . They are stupidly crazy hot. I see her at school once in a while. And we exchanged phone numbers cuz she had car trouble. I came by about 10 times already to fix her car.
Now heres the story, we more like just friends , we joke about stuff. I usually make jokes once in a while like im going to take you away and we going to go to a jacuzzi and one of them nude beaches. One day we started talking and i dont know how but it was about weiners and i told her im im well endowed, and she laughed. She always laughs about the sexual refereneces but she will never talk more about it or pursue it, i think shes shy or shes just not feeling me that way. I have no idea. We have like a friend/aunt relationship...its weird dont ask. I always say to her she looks fine as hell and lets go out of town...lol she laughs again as usual. She calls me once every 2 weeks to see how im doing, and she sometimes tells me about her ex husb.
Her guys like me alot and respect me..She invites me to family fucntions somtimes. But they dont know that i think they are hot. I never made any references to them...i just ignore them , hello and goodbye even thought they are hot and i cant stand it . They walk around in almost lingrie , like crazy! Her guys just like me as a friend. I dont care about the guys, i know they arent intereted in me.
But im not sure if the mom is into me.

Can any older ladies answer this? I dont want to make a move and get slapped . This woman is tough, she has hit men before. I dont know if shes into me. From what i told you here...what would you say and what would you do. I so want to just buff the hell out of her cuz i know she needs it. She doesnt really get out, shes a hombody, she has no guy friends and i know she hasnt had nookie since the mid 90's probabaly. Everytime i see her im just trying to hold myself back from going postal.

what the heck should i do

I got you bro!! I use to help a friend of mine on weekends deliver furniture. One day we went and moved a girl from her house, where she lived with her mom, to a new house. Her mom was smoking, she is like in her late forties, I'm 34. Then we got called two weeks later to move the mom's stuff from storage to her house. My buddy was trying to get a stove off her. She gave her his number. he couldn't afford it that week. I jumped on it. He gave me her number. I called her and set up the buy. My brothe and I went to pick it up. She was checking us out big times. I told her if she ever needed anything to call me. She never did. I said to hell with it. I sent her a general text message like it could've gone out to more than one person. she bit. We started tretxing regularly. One night we got into the sex topic. It took off from there, she said she was all wet trying to drive home. Burning wet she said. I asked her if she needed help with it. She bit. Next thing I know I'm up in her house doing her. On a regular basis. She said she had been checking me out the first two times I moved their furniture.

What I'm getting at is that they are older and don't think we see them like that. Then when you bring it up they get nervous and start trying to laugh it off. My suggestion would be to start texting her. Don't get vulgar on them. They are older and want guys with a little more class and respect than someone just blurting out that they wanna bone. Make flirtatious suggestions. Try to get her to relax. Joke about it at first. Tell her you started working out. Paint a picture for her. Then hit her with a serious question like what she thinks of your physique. I told the lady I was with that I had always found older women more attractive, because they are more mature, know what they want, and they are more experienced at life and love.
You also need to relax. Try having a few drinks, not to the point of buzzing. More like get relaxed drinks. The first time I was with her I was nervous. She bought some liquor, sounded like a suggestion to me. I got relaxed and it was on. Good luck bro. Let me know how it goes!!
Im getting a tattoo?
i like to be different im getting a tattoo going up my leg i want somthing different somthing that will like great but the same old nude lady with wings thing.

i'd like to see some links if you could, be creative thing different, thanks people!
Don't really have links for tattoos. Maybe a suggestion.... I would find the artist and possibly have him / her design something one of a kind for you ~ especially with it being something so meaningful.

I have a dragonfly on my ankle. I found the design but had the artist make a few changes to to it.
My next tattoo will be one that an individual in the jail I work in designed for me with the initial of my beau in it, which also happens to be my first initial - so yes it is a safe one, lol.
Also would like to have my guyrens names written in cursive around my upper arm.
Good luck! I love tats!!! A wonderful form of art & expression!

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