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Does anal ever get messy or is that very uncommon?
Me and my boyfriend have anal 4 times a month, sometimes more, sometimes less, for the last year or so. He has never pulled out and been dirty. I don't do anything special to clean up, I just don't let him do it if I feel like I have to use the bathroom soon. Are the horror stories of things getting messy true, or is this actually very uncommon?
ok here's the thing: doctors know this as a fact. anal sex does feel good. However you wont be able to control your crap if you have too much anal due to the fact that your muscles will be used to having things pushed in and out from there
How dirty (messy) is anal in reality?
Me and my fiance have anal sx 2-3 times per month. This has been going on for well over 2 years now. I have never been dirty when I pull out of her. Is this normally the case? Does anal get a bad rap because people just assume? Does anybody else have stories that have turned out differently, or is it usually clean?
To say it's always clean would be a lie, as would saying it's unbearably sloppy. Really, the biggest variable is how well she cleans herself. There's always going to be a certain lack of cleanliness, as we must remember that excrement comes from there, but it really isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Really, the biggest problem is that the popular culture sees it as unnatural which, if you really think about it, it kind of is. However, if both partners are consenting, it shouldn't be a problem.

Also, a word of warning, and this is going to sound bizarre, but it is pretty important: Make sure your penis is clear of open sores, otherwise, no matter how clean she keeps it, there'll always be potential for infection. Also, be sure to be gentle with her, as there's as much a threat of infection for her as there is for you.
Is there any messy after effects to anal sex?
Okay, i know , funny question. I know its messy, but me and my boyfriend have been wanting to try it, but i want to know if anything disgusting is going to happen to me afterwards. Like is anything going to leak since i'll be so loose or should i be okay? My friend told me she tried it and she had to sit on the toilet afterwards because she couldn't hold it in.
The first time I tried anal sex I needed to sit on the loo for a while after. but the more I did it the better I got at it.
Will messy anal sex turn a guy off from a girl?
I've been seeing this guy for a short time and we've only had sex a couple times before. The other night we had anal and it was great, but the next time when we did it again things got a little messy. I didn't even know until after the fact. I think he was to embarrassed to tell me. Once I knew I told him i was really embarrassed. He was sweet about it and said it was fine and not to worry, but he seemed embarrassed too and didn't stick around very long to talk about it. Anyways I'm just wondering if I'll hear from him again or if that killed his attraction for me. If a guy has messy anal with a girl will that turn him off from a girl for good? Does it gross guys out from not wanting to see that girl again?
It may be a slight turn off at the time but in the future when you go to have sex, he may not choose anal sex for that reason... however any sex is worth it to most guys and I'm sure he won't be leaving you or whoever you may be referring.
Any tips on anal sex? How to reduce pain and and things getting "messy"?
Me & my boyfriend have been having anal sex recently and it's been okay but there have been a few problems:

- how can we reduce the pain I'm feeling in some positions?

- how can we stop the occasional bit of "mess" that appears? This is really gross and is the main problem.

A) make sure you're cleaned out, go to the bathroom and empty ur self out
B) lots of lube and you need to be the one telling him what to do, don't let him just thrust it in there, gotta go gentle at first
C) try to relax, tensing up flexes ur sphinter muscles so think good thoughts
What is the diff between OCD & Anal as far as cleanliness goes.My dtr has OCD, but her room is a so messy.?
Can you be messy and have OCD? My friend said Anal you will be messy, OCD you are really clean. My dtr counts things, has rituals etc. But to go into her room is scary!
I have OCD but my room is MESSY.I am the farthest thing from a neat freak.
Messy anal sex is he too large?
Even when I skipped eating solids for 24hs prior to having sex with him and made sure my rectum was clear there was a mess. Is it a possibility that he's going past the rectum into the colon and thats why its always messy? Or what am I doing wrong? Serious answers only, ty
Next time, even with the skipping eating of solids, try an enema before you have anal sex. It is possible, but unlikely, that he is entering the colon. He can always restrict how far he enters you to see if that helps, but he could still get carried away and go the full length.

I'm leaning toward the possibility that an enema will alleviate the problem.
Ive had anal sex a few times but last night it got a bit messy, im so embarrassed has this happened to anyone?
We used a condom so it was safe, ive never been so digusted its not happened before i make sure i clean beforehand. It grossed us both out.
It happens, use an enema next time before hand to make sure you are 'clean'.

Is anal sex really messy?
keen on having some penis in my bum. but just wondering if it is messy as in will there be poo all over the place, maybe even all over the walls by end of the anal sex session? should i take some laxatives before hand so theres no poo backed up in my colon when we do it??
No, laxatives are absolutely not the answer. You should get an enema kit from the pharmacy and gently give your self an enema. You should use warm water and run the enema until you feel the urge to take a bowel movement. You then excrete the current enema and repeat until the water is mostly clear in the toilet (No fecal matter). You then allow 30-45 minutes before sex to allow for re-absorption of excess water then have fun. Be sure to use alot of lube and a condom since the enema will get rid of frank fecal matter but will not eliminate the bacteria that is natural in the colon and that could cause health issues outside of the normal environment.
I had anal sex a couple of nights ago and things got kind of a bit messy. Is this normal?
A couple of nights ago i tried anal sex, can't say i fully loved it but afterwards when we had a small break i quickly went to the toilet later to find down there was a bit messy. it was kind of disgusting but I'm worried this was a total turn off for the guy. Any help/reassurance???
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