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How to get Lesbian Mothers to Participate?
I am conducting a research study on parental satisfaction. I only need 9 more participants. I have tried everything to get these participants but still no luck. Any advice?? If you a lesbian mother and would like to participate please complete the survey at: www.theparentinfamily.com
I started it, but apparently you need to have a partner, and I dont, so I stopped.
How are Gay fathers towards their daughters and Lesbian Mothers towards their sons ?
No offense, just a curious question.
I had two sons so never had the situation you ask about Peter P&P :-)
Should lesbian mothers be allowed access to IVF treatment?
Here in Australia, gay women have lobbied loud and long to be given access to publicly funded IVF treatment.
It seems, however that having access to this service doesn't always make them happy. Read the news item below and ponder this Q. How is the situation of this woman any different to a hetero woman who gives birth to twins or triplets?

Oh, I couldn't help myself...needed to comment on this one....and
yes, I'm angry! But you know what? My anger is directed so much
more towards the media portrayal of this issue than to the couple
involved in the legal proceedings. I won't begin to judge this
couple nor be drawn into a discussion about their court action based
upon what is reported in the media. But by the Goddess I will
scream from the rooftops about the way in which the media has
portrayed them and the issues at stake. This type of court action
is not entirely new. There have for example been cases in the past
about "unwanted" guyren, claims against doctors for failed
vasectomies leading to unplanned pregnacies etc but never has the
media reported in loud screaming headlines "Heterosexual couple sues
doctor for unwanted guy" nor felt the need to report on a couple's
financial circumstances in order to paint them as greedy.

My point? A couple is suing a doctor for what they claim is a
botched medical procedure - that the couple is lesbian is not
relevant and makes it no more or less
reprehensible/understandable/puzzling than if they were straight.
While those of us who long for a guy (and would be happy to give
birth to a tribe of them all at once if that was possible) will find
this case distressing/infuriating etc, I can't begin to criticise
these woman for having some lack of foresight in commencing the
action because of the impact it would have on the "reputation" or
public perception of lesbians/queer people generally. If it was a
straight couple people wouldn't be drawn to say "gee, they should
have considered the impact of the case on the public perception of
straight people wanting to conceive". I rail against the double
standards of it all. That a lesbian couple have to consider whether
to exercise a legal right because of negative perceptions about
lesbians - the same legal right that a straight couple could
exercise without blinking an eyelid.
Feminist: did you ever discover your mothers adult library of lesbian magazines?
did you think differently of her afterwards?
No, that's because she's STRAIGHT, and she didn't even raise me to be a feminist – I learned it on my own. However, I did find my dad's old Penthouse once.
My friends are aiming to be lesbian mothers?
my two friends maria and clarissa are now aiming to become lesbian mothers. they both aim to get pregnant, (well clarissa already is with the 65 year old man), and maria aims to with a friend of hers. then they aim to get together and be lesbian mothers at the ages of 14!! do u reckon tht this is wrong??
omg if that was my friends i would tell the girl who is going with the old man to catch a grip and go out with someone her own age!! and plus if they want to be lesbians let them but having guyren at this age no way its wrong there under age and to young to look after guyren!!
Since conservatives are OK with lesbian mothers (Mary Cheney), why did they kick out gay conservative Foley?
It seems that conservatives are embracing the gay/lesbian/transgender group with insiders like Mary Cheney, Laura Ingraham and Rush, but select gay conservatives like Craig, Foley and Rev Ted Haggard are not welcome.
Actually Foley resigned.

Also, the truth is that in private most republicans do not have any issues with gays as long as they stay in the closet so as to not embarrass the party and lose support from their false Christian base.

One more thing, please stop using conservative as a synonym for republican. Republican administrations are responsible for over 85% of the national debt so they are not fiscal conservatives. They are only conservative in the same way that the Taliban are conservative.
How do my lesbian SIMS 3 characters adopt a guy ? Is it at a certain house? Working mothers or something ?
Im still trying to figure out SIMS 3 .... I have a lesbian couple but have no idea where to adopt the baby?
i'm not sure, cause i never adopt one. but there a few ways that i'm i think will work.

- call for services on the phone. i don't think there is one on there, but it's worth a check.
- i read the sims 3 guide, and it says that you can actually steal a baby. just go to you neighbor's house (the one who has babies), and just bring him/her home.
- press Ctrl+Shft+C to open the cheat box and type "testingcheatsenabled true" (without the "). after that, press shift while clicking the mailbox and a few options will appear. click "force NPC" and select "adoption" (or something like that).

hope this helps. :)
Why manly viril men often have butchy lesbian mother while efeminate men have very beautiful feminine mothers?
I started asking my self that question when I saw the picture of Hip-Pop singer 50 cent's mother.She is not only ugly and butch, but also a lesbian bisexual.

The most beautiful and feminine women often have efeminate male counterpart in their family. For example asian women are beautiful but asian men tend to be more feminin than white male.

This may explain why Asian women love white men more than Asian male when they have choice to choose.
and that's why white women like black guys.. hehe
What do guyren of a lesbian couple call their mothers?
I've never witnessed a true homosexual family (with guyren) together. But I'm curious of what their guyren may refer to them as?
It can't simply be "Mom" for both parterns due to confusion issues, obviously.

Thanks to those who can shed some light on this.
Strangely, it is Mom for both. When you are in a close family unit, direct address is the common form of communication - if the guy is referring to Mom in the third person, they are speaking about the other parent. If they are calling for Mom - either one will do. If they are speaking to Mom, Mom probably knows she is the one being spoken to, just as you do not preface your discussions with your parents by saying "Dad, where are my shoes?" You just say "Where are my shoes?" when addressing your father, right? People do not use formal address in family settings. In a discussion with their school, the guy is more likely to refer to their parent by name - or use one parent as the main contact for school issues - whoever is more available to pick them up or deal with a question during the school day. It is not complicated at all really, unless you are trying to write a novel.

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