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Are women more attracted to the slim smooth chested men or the built gruff slight hairy chested man these days?
ive noticed a lot of women like the lil boy band types of guys, slim, smooth chested, platted or spikey hair, but then the same women can get swept off her feet by a built gruff hairy chested shaven headed man, who isn't at her feet with gifts, but is simply manly and treats a lil mean but respectful. Can anyone relate?
it all depends on the girl. EVERY GIRL IS DIFFERENT
Ladies what do you think of hairy chested men?
Guys with a hairy chest and happy trail? I'm not talking super hairy like Robin Williams, but enough hair there.

BQ: If you like guys with hairy chests, what do you like to do with them?
its pretty hot but not on all guys.

bq:well i didnt say i like guys with hairy chest i just said its pretty hot lol but you can comb it lol.
How long would it take a hairy chested male to absorb a cotton T-Shirt into his navel?
I'd like to hear Ladies' answers to this question because Horses sweat and, Gals faintly perspire.
It would take 3 light years and a banana.
Why are hairy chested built men always so sexy?
I would take a hairy chest over a smoothe chest anyday!
Men with hairy chests are sexy because they are manly. The hairier a man's chest is the better!
Around what percentage of hairy chested men wax?
I know that most men seem to have smooth chests but do most of them wax or shave their chests or are most men just naturally smooth? And what's the main reason why men wax?
Not this guy!

I think it's a metrosexual trend. People watch those beach bodies, and the final step after getting into shape is to wax to show off the muscle.
Gay guys, do you like hairy chested, muscular guys with muscular football player builds?
Musclebears are very popular among the over thirty crowd. I was wondering if that hold true for the 20-30 crowd as well?
Big and hairy is ok with me! Twinks are overrated.
Are dashingly handsome, hairy chested Atheists mentioned in the Bible?
One would think they would merit special attention from God.
But I am an atheist with virtually no hair on my chest.
Am I going to hell?
What was the name of the movie with William Bendix where he was a hairy bare chested stoker on a steamship?
I believe he was obsessed by a woman and died in the end?
The Hairy Ape (1944)

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