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I'm going to start an elderly hardcore porn magazine and I'm calling it "Granny Fanny". Thoughts? Suggestions
It will feature a lot of Grandpa/Grandma stuff. It's an untapped niche in the porn industry.
looooooool u r crazy man, well if u wanna do it the "granny Funny", well i think the funny u should put on is young guys with old grannies, that's funny looooooooool, seriously i don't think people would buy that
What are some great non-American heavy music bands?
There is lots of quality deathcore, thrash, metal, hardcore and such coming out of other countries besides USA. Do you know any I should check out. Foreign bands that rock like granny chairs please.
Dir En Grey (Japan)
Aural Vampire (Japan)
Hardcore workout DVD?
I would like to know a wokout out DVD thats just a full on cardio workout...i want one where i can REALLY get a workout, not some slow-pace granny workout....thx
TURBO JAM> its hardcore!
Do you think TNA will be bought by the WWE?
I think TNA is way better (more highfliers, the storylines arent completely awful and its more hardcore than the PGWWE) but the appearance of Tommy Dreamer made me wonder whether they would sell out. Also Abyss has been mentioning the people that "told him to do it". Could this be WWE? (Also did anyone notice the old Granny in the audience in TNA cross the line episode 26? She made me lol)
2001 is 2011

Do 4 cylinders mess up easier than 6 cylinders?
I heard they do.. and I dont like granny driving but I really want a Nissan Altima because I hate my g6. (PS; no matter what anyone might tell you, when it rains... they leak hardcore) sooo I just need to know that if I get it, it won't mess up because of the way I drive.. I'm a also applying for a job to be a traveling nurse.. meaning id be on the road about 6-8 hours a day..
If you go by statistics it shows that you will get longer life out of the 4 cylinder. There are less parts or things to go wrong with it. But keep in mind that it won't have quite the pep of a V-6. With the high performance cars these days if you were to drive a 4 and a 6 back to back they are not much different off the line, it's just that the V-6 is quieter and smoother because it's not working as hard. Usually you can tollerate the 4 cylinder with gas at record highs and your insurance would be cheaper as well.
Can we all agree that BAPPI LAHIRI is the BIGGEST BALLA ever? Why do these rap guys even try to compete?
Bappi is so pimp that he makes Snoop Dogg look like a timid 90 yr old granny. And the thing is, Bappi doesn't even try.........yet he still outshines everyone in the game with the chains around his neck!

Bappi Lahiri = hardcore gangsta to da max! Anyone else agree?
omg i completly agree....bappi is a major BALLA....hey playa...he is so KOOL....lolz...nah realli though Bappi knows how to roll...all those chains no1 has anything on him...but he iS NOT A GANGSTER....he is a nice "little" man....

all i gotta say is:
OK OK OK.........hehe...alwayz makes me laugh(OSO reference)
Would you rather?
a. Have hardcore sex with a 78 year old naughty granny for 1 hour
b. Marry a 60 year old naughty housewife and have guys with her
c. Be stoned to death
d. Eat live snakes, slugs, frogs, squids, and dogs 3 meals a day for 2 days

I'd choose A.
I'd choose D.,Eat live snakes, slugs, frogs, squids, and dogs 3 meals a day for 2 days
A Letter To My Mother...?
This letter is to my mother and it addresses her ongoing fight with me about going to the college of my choice,which she doesn't have to support me financially and its only 3 hours away. Also you will notice I mentioned Im on probation, but I have no restrictions, I can do as I please as long as I pay the fees and dont get arrested. What do you think about my letter, would this get through to you if you were a controlling parent?

Hello mother.I decided to write you an email because every time I try to talk to you you yell and what not,and we will never get anything accomplished like that. But anyway, I'm not even going to address how things have been going these past few days because they already happened and there is nothing we can do about it. But what I do want to tell you is regardless if you believe me or not I love you and respect you and appreciate everything you have done for me but at some point mother,its time for one to follow their dreams and do what they feel will get them one step closer to their pursuit of happiness. I understand that you will not support me financially and I am not asking you to, but it would be great if you just backed me up.I doubt you will, but its a suggestion.Either way, as I said I love you and I would love it if you quit hardcore fighting me regarding school everyday mama. I don't want to make you unhappy or stressed out or anything like that,but I feel like you are doing it on your own.You get upset and you yell about everything, that's not healthy. Why go so hard when the situation could be so easy,Calm your spirits and if you feel this is not for me then that's fine, I respect and hear your opinions loud and clear. It doesn't make me feel good to not have the support of my mother, but at this rate it seems as if I'll never have it. It seems like you are trying to take over my life, tell me who I should be friends with and where I should go. You call me a follower and say I'm irresponsible, but throughout this entire time you have been down talking me I never said a negative word about you. As I said I love you and you are totally blowing this situation of proportion; you would rather try to hurt me by getting my phone disconnected and calling my granny and my probation officer than to me see do something that makes me happy?Its crazy mama.But no matter how bad you hurt me and how much you yell and treat me like a guy, I still love you with all of my heart and I respect you, ways and all, I can't change your ways,you're set in them, and I accept that.I still love you despite your tendencies. I appreciate everything you have done for me I cant stress that enough. When you moved in the house on Timber Dell, could you afford the mortgage and bills? Not really, but you wanted a house, a house is what made you happy at that time, so you moved in a house, knowing all the risks, because that was your dream. Did things work out the way you planned? No,but you can say at one point in your life, you followed your dream and you had a house,that's what you wanted,so that's what you did. Give me the opportunity to do the same ma, I don't mean to disrespect you in any way and if you feel as such I apologize. But I have tried to reach out to you about this situation, and you just don't wanna be reached. Regardless, you are my mother and I love you and I keep you in my daily prayers. I pray that you will learn to accept me and my desires and be there for me, but prayer takes time, and I am sure the end result will be well worth the wait. I hope that you don't disown me as it seems you have already done, I would hate to not speak to mother for years because I decided to follow my dreams. I love you ma, and I hope you feel the same.
I think this is a good letter. I have read your other questions on this issue with your mother and college and I answered one of the other ones. So I will say good luck with your dream college and I hope it works out. Also in a couple of weeks could you post a follow up to let us all know how this letter worked out? I would be interested to know.
How did this effect me and I would like to know is there something I can do about it..?
I talk about abuse alot on this y/a cause Im getting it out>Im getting therapy soon. Anyway growing up I NEVER TALKED MUCH wasnt allowed too. Sure I talked to my friend but I was intimadated of Adults even though Im an adult I still feel like some adults treat me as a guy or dont let me stand up for myself...

My family is just one big abused family or LIVE FOR CUTTING PPL DOWN.. not ONE person you can go to without them being critical and judgemental!! or belittiling you!!

As of now I decided to stop talking to my grandmother coming to the realization she never loved me even though she raised me... It's hard finding love and still trying to love myself at times. I feel guilty for not talking to my granny but she stuck in her ways.

I ALWAYS HAD self esteem issues when I was young my family negleted me so I didn't get the nice compliments that I get now, which I STILL DONT BELIEVE. I believe we really are what we think.. All my life I thought I was cute but my family got the best of that thought... So now that Im grown I hear nice words being said I believe a little... Do you think Im wrong for letting my family go.. How and where do families like mines come from.. if this myite help ALOT OF the girls in my family became teenage mothers and most of them(family) ARE DRUG ADDICTS I would say like 85% of my family is on hardcore drugs and would do anything for drugs kill, steal, or what have you...

I just dont understand where all this hate comes from. And do you think they think about happy days or wish life can be easier for them.. they just find the worst in everything and everybody Why?? and Why (but thank god)didnt I turn out like them?
Our family is our family... We only get but one... that said, you're family has obviously not provided a very healthy environment in which to develop and thrive... inter-family relationship problems connect themselves to all sectors of life, as a guy raised without having certain needs fulfilled goes out into the world, skeptical that other people will be sympathetic either... however, at this point, you really only have one choice... YOU have to get your life in order... if you're family isn't there for you, it becomes your journey to find a way to live happily... therapy can only help, and just try going into the world, while stripping yourself of the preconceived notions your family has passed upon you... all the best...
Would you cry if your favorite artist died ?
I would if David Bowie died . Oh , I don't even want to think of it .

Q1 :Are you into Andy Warhol's art ?
MQ2: What's your favorite NIN video and album ?
MQ3 : What do you think of this hardcore , death , video ?… Just remember to keep the volume down , you don't wanna wake up granny with all that growling
Well, I cried when I held my first Smashing Pumpkins album. I don't wanna think about any of my favourite artists dying but if they did, i'd be really shocked, and then when it hit me, I would cry.
1) Yeah, I love Andy Warhol, he's one of my favourites (y)
2) I like their album Pretty Hate Machine.

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