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Guys and girls, guys: have you ever been dancing at a club with a fine *** girl grinding on you, ?
and then you get a huge *****?

girls: have you ever been dancing with i guy and that happens? lol
what do you do or think? lol
I only dance at gay clubs and there it happens all the time:way great.
Only for girls; What do you think of a man, Fine or average, with scars on thir faces?
Small, not alot, or hardly unnoticeable:
Median, pretty noticeable:
Large, alot, or you can't miss that:

My guess is that you girls don't care, am I right? Because I know people and I have a friend with scars that you can't miss ( a lot of small scars, 1 large scar, ect), and they have and are going out with fine *** girls.
I would think that one would be more interested in the man's personality and not put so much emphsis in his appearance. As for me, it matters not if he has scars as it adds character, would you not agree? =P
Girls, please define a "fine ***" on a guy?
I have always heard girls in my school say,
"oh, he has such a fine ***"

please define "fine ***"
A fine butt would be one that looks tight, and is round. Looks good in tight jeans.

It's really up to opinion though. You should look at some guy's butts and decide for yourself.
Whos the fine *** girl on the sleepy head borgore remix video on youtube?
the video is called Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (Borgore Remix) and its posted on youtube by MilesHADOUKORE
Here's the original…
Today i almost grabbed this girls ***, accidentally?
Im not even guyding, omfg i just saw it and i went into predator mode, i was honestly like wtf when i snapped myself out of it right as i walked past her. This girl has a fine *** and shes certainly asking for something like this to happen. Dont wanna sound like a pervert, i just lost control for a second today and it was wierd. How do you think she wouldve reacted lol, i wouldve complimented her of course.
If it ever happens again a compliment will not be welcomed...better of saying sorry like it was an accident and be sincere if you want any kind of chance asking her out.
This is for the guys say u got this fine *** girl that u sexing all the time.what would u do if it was good?
ok i'm the girl and my boyfriend tells me that my **** is good but i do not know. he say he will never go no were and i an't got to worry bout him cheating on me what should i do? i feel that he will if i do not sex him right
so sex him right...if he dont sex u rite too, then U cheat, aiiiiight. u think like when we see a fine girl we r thinkin damn she got a nice ***!?
we check out the body or whatever & we r like damn i wanna hit that yall think like that too?
Some of them do, but most don't.
Wuts a good way to land some flyass white girls?
im a dark chocolate brotha who wants to get with some fine *** white girls. any advice for me?
first off bieng chocolate doesnt make you any better were all the same .same for the girls so you land them as you would any other girl unless you have no class and no way with words.

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