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Mature glamor models - female?
I am looking for mature female glamor models. How do I get them to contact me at my mail address. I am not interested in working through an agency.
check out yahoo groups, there are several groups for this type women both nude and non-nude
Female Models--#43(Mature) --Female Models--#43Posted - Fri Nov 23, 2007 12:15 am Paul alder2birch?
can't open this and don't know why several like this ?
Is it spam? It finds us all, sooner or later!
Figure models?
I am a glamour photographer. I would like to know the name of an agency that can provide addresees for mature female models who are willing to pose nude for photoshoots? I am looking for models in the New York area.
Check the Yellow Pages under Modeling Agencys, which is obvious and I'm having a hard time figuring out why a "glamour photographer" didn't think of it!
If you have no family --- where do you find positive female role models?
I am 34 - recently going through counseling and realized on my own that I have no positive role models and how difficult it has been for me as a woman to deal with certain things....aging, etc.

Due to the toxic nature of addiction, I am out of contact with my mother --- no other female relatives....

where do I go to find a female mentor at age 34? how do I meet someone to look up to? I really would benefit from the advice and example of a more mature and wise woman in my life. I wish I had an elder to look up to....

I am open to any suggestions that are productive. :)
I would suggest getting involved in community service organizations, or a local church that has activities for all ages, there are some amazing women in my church and at 53 I continue to learn and admire the advise and just basic friendship and support I recieve there.
You mentioned because of addiction the connection with your mother is broken, her addiction or yours? AA and other groups hold meetings which may help you understand addiction and why people become addicted, then there is forgiveness forgiving your Mother doesn't mean you have to accept things, but it will free your spirit which will help you. It is ok not to like some of the things people do, but we must first love ourselves enough to desire greater things for our selves, and we become stronger because of lifes lessons if we learn from them.
Where do you find positive role models and mentors?
I am 34 - and I have no family. I have distanced myself from my only surviving relative due to the nature of her toxic substance abuse (for now.) I am realizing at my age - the importance of family and particularly how important positive female role models (elder and mature) can be for a woman. I have struggled with body image and self esteem and I am thinking that if I had real role women as friends are role models that it would help me....

anyone have any advice for finding positive role models/family support when you have no family? Thank you!
I lost both my parents at a very early age an thus have never had any role models in my life. I look at my life like they are still around. If I am doing something I know isn't right then I think what would my dad say or would they be disappointed in me. If the answer is yes then I will stop whatever I am doing.

Looking to other people for support is all good but you need to find yourself first. Support yourself and become a strong individual. Leaning on other people all the time may be good in the short term but long term it won't help.

Role models are important but maybe you are guyding yourself if you think they will solve your problems. In my experience the only person who can help you is you.

good luck
I would like to know if some one looking for a mature plus size model or extras to be in movie or TV?
. I modeled in the All Star Charity Fashion,Entertainment & Awards Gala 2004 At Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center for Abbey H.Muneer . I modeled for Maria's Indian African Designs Designer Hats by H.A.D. I was also in All star charity, dinner Fashion Entertainment& Awards Gala 2005, I modeled for Antonio DA SILVA Couture Designs for Male and Female. I modeled for Money L.Collection provided by Fur Palace in New York.. I modeled in the plus size P.O.W.E.R for Avenue store located at Westlake Mall which took place in San Antonio Texas I was Honorary Guest and featured plus size model.at the event .I love modeling and .I would like to have a paid job in the fashion and modeling and movie Industry
. ..I was an extra in ONE TREE HILL ON WTWB ,I was also an extra in Sylvester Stallone’s (Rocky 6) In Las Vegas NV.I am ready to take it to the next level I am willing to travel
they definitely look for plus size models.. it takes lot of effort but you will surely find work
Girls mature and deteriorate quicker than guys?
the youngest age girls can discover sexual intercourse (e.g. masturbation) is around 3 or 4 ( I don’t masturbate, but remembered having a dream of some kind of sex when I was 3, but it wasn’t clear though).

a guy claimed , “When I got home I went to take a shower and I discovered masturbation for the very first time. I was 13-14”, therefore I assume the youngest age for guys to discover them is around 9-11.

it's usually early teenage girls, around 13 who are so eager to be matured quicker so that they can get along with older guys and enjoy the adult life.

there’s also another quote (thanks Fereshte) : “Society finds older men still attractive and distinguished (look at how long Sean Connery was a sex icon for.)”

inspired by a question (by websterweb): Male models can have longer careers than Women models,?

another answer by Bluebeard’s for it : “Female fashion models start modeling in their early/mid teens and male fashion models start modeling in their late teens...”
(I assume this is out of the condition where earlier teens are the time where girls started to look hot while boys are still guy-looks, and late teens are where boys started to look hot as girls of early teens, while girls are getting older by that time.)

this is the whole thing about the modeling thing if u may want to know more:

the questions are:

is it agreeable that men are like one kind of food while women like another; where women ‘matures and deteriorate’ quicker than men?

do you think that best maturity match is for example; 17 yr old girl with 33 year old guy (let’s say, they are both hot confident ones with celeb looks; so the 17 yr old isn’t guyish and the 33 yr guy isn’t that old man.)

and does this mean that girls today who tend to seek for men less than 10 yrs older, are actually going for guys “at the same phase” or “younger” in terms of maturity?
ur only part rite... i agree that girls mature faster than guys... in fact... i dont think most guys EVER grow up...

but i dont think its true women deterorate faster... theres lots an lots of healthy gud looking women that r old... like take madonna for instince... shes 50 an still looks great for an old lady... an theres lots of fat ugly bald men with teeth missing that arnt even past 40 that look lots worse than the women older than them!!!

it all depends on how u take care of urself... to many women let themselfs go... an eat like pigs an dont get any exercise... so they get fat an ugly b4 there time an ppl say they deterorate.... but if u eat healty... an live healthy... ull stay looking an feeling gud ur hole life.... its all up to u...
Is it legal to take pictures of provacative/suggestive pictures of models that are minors?
TMy dad is a model photographer and he gets requests from mature looking female ladies 17 and under to take photos that make them look good and sexy. This may be anywhere from bikinis and lingerie to sucking a lolipop, bending towards the camera, grasping breasts/arms crossed across breasts. Suggestive stuff but not explicit. General showcase of their human/feminine sexuality.

Such photos would not accent the fact that they are under age and exploit that fact. They are not taken to imply that such and such girl is younger than is legal or a young girl doing naughty things (basically NOT the stuff pedophiles would jump on), but more the stuff any straight guy in their right mind would say "wow, that's a sexy picture" without thought to age.

Pictures that he would NOT allow would be sexually exploitive/explicit pictures such as spreading legs wide, bending over with genitalia towards the camera, crotch rubbing/hands in pants, girl kissing girl, nipple pinching; so basically he would not take pictures of anything that in of itself is a sexual act. (Basically, if you can't legally do it on the beach, you don't take pictures of it, but slightly more than that... go one step further and make sure the pictures aren't exploitive... aren't done in a way that would/could be detrimental to the minor physically, emotionally, or socially. <since minors don't always know what they want, he would basically decide for them and not take pictures that the minor may regret in hindsight>)

To sum all this up: sexy pictures of minors at their consent that are non-detrimental and do not visually exploit the fact that they are younger than 18, but instead are tasteful sexual pictures of fully developed young women (he refuses to take pictures of females who look adolescent/not fully matured bodies).

I need facts on what is legal/illegal (contentwise) and how to go about doing this the right way under the law (forms,signatures,parental consent/presence?). Links much appreciated! =D
In the US it is NOT legal to shoot any person under the age of 18 years old in provocative poses. Not even their parent or guardian can approve of the photographing of such shots.

In parts of Europe, the rules are more lax. 16 years old is the age limit for such photos

Just because an 18 year old looks like an adolescent is not a legal reason for not shooting them, just as shooting an under age person who looks like an adult is no reason to shoot them and put yourself in jeopardy of going to prison as a guy porn provider
Any josei/mature manga that's not too graphic?
I'm already in college, so sometimes I like to read manga with characters around my age (as opposed to middle schoolers). I know that josei manga is supposed to be targeted towards my age group, but I've noticed that some of it seems a little too sexual for my tastes. Does anyone have some recommendations for josei manga that aren't too graphic? ^^

I have already read...
- After School Nightmare (they're high school age, but I've heard some people say it seems closer to josei since it deals with mature themes)
- Model
Ones like those would be OK (I just don't like ones that seem too revolved around random sex)

I watched part of Kuragehime, but I don't like it enough to read the manga.

I love unique storylines, deep/serious romance, reverse harem, awesome female characters who don't act like traditional female characters, and of course, dreamy male characters. :D
I'm not in the mood to read shoujo-ai or shounen-ai, though a manga with some hints of it would be OK (as long as it's not the main focus).

I would like something that I can read online, and preferably a manga series that doesn't have way too many volumes.

Thank you!
Ashita no Ousama
A country girl in the big city, Yu doesn't quite understand just how hard it is to make it big. So when she's enraptured by a play, she immediately declares it her life's mission to become a great actress. Unfortunately, she has no knowledge of the craft, no experience, and no skills aside from making good curry -- not that that kind of thing would ever stop her.

Oishii Kankei
Fujiwara Momoe, a girl who loves to eat, was raised by her rich parents eating only the best. When her father dies from heart disease and Momoe has to support her and her mother, she can't stand the food that she makes(she never cooked before). One day, she walks into a little French restaurant and recognizes the food from its taste. She had eaten it several years earlier when celebrating her birthday at a 5-star restaurant with her parents. She asks to work there as a cook under the head chef, Oda-san. She falls in love with Oda, but he doesn't notice her feelings and only considers her an annoying apprentice. This series goes through joy and heartbreak, as experienced by Momoe. How does the situation end? (Source: M-U)

Talking About... (manwha)
Meet Sarah, successful event planner by day... frustrated 30 year-old virgin by night. Actually, she's not quite 30 yet. The night before the dreaded birthday, she vows to do something about it. Meet Gang-E, a 29 year-old graphic novelist. She only has one problem... she likes them young. Males, that is... especially her 19 year-old assistant and lover (and adoring fan) Jooyoung. No more boys, she pledges. Gang-E vows to find a real man, even if it kills her. And finally, meet 27 year-old Amber who ruthlessly climbs the corporate ladder, leaving many dead career corpses in her wake. Amber has never met a man she didn't like (and sleep with), nor has Amber ever met a woman she did. Three lonely women in search of "happily ever after" in one modern city filled to the brim with difficult men. We all yearn to drive down a straight, calm road leading us to our happiness. But if it were that easy, life wouldn't be such an amazing ride. (Netcomics)

Forest of Gray City (manwha)
Yun-Ook Jang is a 26 year-old freelance illustrator who rents out a room to help pay off her debts. Her tenant is a 19 year-old drop-out named Bum-Moo Lee, who only has a part-time job. Before Yun-Ook knew how old Bum-Moo was, he seemed rather mysterious and cold to her, and the two argued all the time. Little does she know that Lee is a guy who should be going to school!

Kimi wa Pet [Tramps Like Us] (manga)
Fed-up with a life of being under-appreciated and disrespected, Sumire Iwaya decides to change things when she picks up a young boy off the street and brings him into her house. Despite being total opposites, the two seem to complement one another as they try to carve out an ordinary life for themselves. (Source: Tokyopop)

Nodame Cantabile (manga)
Shinichi Chiaki is a first class musician whose dream is to play among the elites in Europe. Coming from a distinguished family, he is an infamous perfectionist; not only is he highly critical of himself, but of others as well. The only thing stopping Chiaki from leaving for Europe is his fear of flying. As a result, he's grounded in Japan.

During his 4th year at Japan's top music university, Chiaki happens to meet Noda Megumi; or as she refers to herself, Nodame. On the surface, she seems to be an unkempt girl with no direction in life. However, when Chiaki hears Nodame play the piano for the first time, he is in awe at the kind of music she plays. To Chiaki's dismay, Nodame moves into the apartment next to his and finds out that she is head over heels in love with him.

Nodame Cantabile tells the story of Chiaki and Nodame, as they not only learn to deal with each other, but learn lessons from one another as they strive for the top of the musical world.
Mature guys: Do you think about other women when your sleeping with your girl?
Can mature guys please answer this question. Its something i always worry about. I am a very attractive female in her 20s, I model part -time, am very slim, fit, with long dark hair and I am told i have a beautiful face. My boyfriend says I am his 'dream girl' and he has always wanted to be with a girl that looks exactly like me. He is telling me all the time that im beautiful, too gorgeous, amazing and sexy as hell. He says it all the time - yet i still have my insecurities - All in all I am very insecure, but Im just explaining what I look like and how my boyfriend feels about me to get a more accurate response to this question im about to ask!
My question is, do guys who have their dream girl, who they find the sexiest out of anyone, feel content with that or do they fantasise about other women during sex??
I am SO worried that if my boyfriend closes his eyes when he orgasms or if he closes his eyes at any point, or is staring at my butt and not my face, i worry that he is picturing someone hot like a celebrity or something.
Is this silly or valid?
I dont even know why im asking, but i'd like to know if most guys do it or not.
we have been seeing each other for a few months and are in love and very happy, and his eyes are usually open the entire time thru sex and oral sex but i always worry anyway. should i stop worrying?
Firstly yes, you should definitely stop worrying about this - there is no reason to be insecure..

Sometimes a guy CAN let his mind wander and perhaps fantasise about someone else, or something else during moments of foreplay or sex. It certainly wouldn't happen all the time, but a man's fantasies are his own - regardless of how perfect, beautiful and fit his girlfriend is... a fantasy is never in competition with "the real thing".

Also, I have no doubt that you are probably very attractive and have a beautiful face - but during sex, your guy is going to be looking at ALL of your body (including your butt) because he finds you attractive. That's not a bad thing, Start worrying only if he regularly DOESN'T want sex with you.

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