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Do you think is true that Kimi Raikönnen was found drunk and naked (publicly) a lot of times ?
The media shows videos about that formula 1 driver very drunk, but many people say that´s other person, due to the driver is serious, sober and ice man. What´s your opinion?
To answer your question regarding Kimi being found drunk and naked....No. Kimi does like to party at clubs, and had a reputation of it, but to my knowledge he had never been arrested for DUI or being intoxicated in public.
When was the last time you got so drunk you played naked soccer and woke up with a serious hang over?
New Years day for me....What did you guys do?
LOL, you are a wild one! I take it Ree must have picked you up....

I just settled for staying home and getting drunk in my underwear..the usual.
So I got drunk and naked at school?
Okay not really, but I do need good ideas for a St paddy's day potluck at work.

Nothing with cabbage.
Sausage and potato stew.make it thick.Add green food coloring to the broth just before it's done.Use onions too if you want.
Had a dream where i was drunk and naked on the floor?
it was ultra realistic too, i was at my moms house passed out naked on the floor, and my mom comes in like "wtf son" and woke me up. every thing was spinning like when you're drunk right. it was sooo real nomsayin
That's two. Consume, you baystad.
Has anyone ever drunk a protein frink called NAKED?
Ok the last time i posted this question some idiot got the question deleted!! Im not being funny the drink is called NAKED GOOLE IT .im curious anyone ever had this protein drink before
Yeah! Naked juice is great stuff! They have lots of different types. Their protein drink is really grainy. It also doesnt have that much protien in it compared to supplament powder. I used to drink it a lot though.
If Noah didn't want his sons to see him nude, why did he get drunk and pass out naked in his tent?
Also, when Noah sobers up and hears "what his young son had done unto him" (look at him??), he doesn't curse Ham, who "saw the nakedness of his father," but Ham's son, Canaan, instead.

If god needed someone to undertake a massive boat-building project, why would he pick a sloppy drunk with poor decision-making skills?
Ham showed disrespect to his father in telling his brothers that Noah was naked.Ham's son Canaan was like his father also disrespectful to his grandfather.Canaan people were the Canaanites who came to inhabit Sodom and Gomorrah,hope you understand this.
Second part: In Genesis 6 verse 5 And God saw that the wickedness of man WAS great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart WAS evil continually.Verse 8- But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. I love to defend the TRUTH.
GUYS! so there is this drunk naked girl getting on stage....?
ok so me and my BF were talkin the other nite and we were talking about when ever u go out to a club/bar and theres that drunk girl getting naked on stage.....he told me that every guy in the bar/club is thinking about takin her home and fu*king her...and i'm like well i think some people may look at her as a nasty trashy drunk girl..... what do u think???? is my boyfriend just screwed up in the head or do guys really think that?
That's the problem with most males nowadays. Every time they look at a girl in explicit dress, that's all they can think about is ******* her. There are guys who don't think they way, but from what I've seen, most of them think just that. It's why girls cannot go around in short shorts and a belly top because guys whill think she's a hooker.
My guy friend and I were talking about it yesterday, and all he said was, "Why do they have to think she's a hooker? Why can't they think she just feels hot?"
This is such a doublestandard society. Men can around with their shirts off, but women can't. I honestly don't see a good argument for why females can't go around without their shirts off. Their is nothing immodest about our breats or indecent. I mean, some guys are so fat, their breasts are a lot larger than female breasts, and yet they can still get away with it.

But your boyfriend seems to think in a messed up sort of way. I'm going to tell it to you straight: Your boyfriend would probably think that way if he weren't with you. It's probably why he said that. My boyfriend wouldn't say that because he doesn't think that way. My boyfriend would think of her has some trashy, indecent woman, even if he were single.
Drunk, naked, and late for work. If you won a big lottery?
I had a friend who said that is what she would do if she every won the lottery, Want are some of your ideas, if you won?
prolly id buy my parents a new home and vehicles first off and then take care of everything that my family needed and if i had left over go on an exotic vacation or move to london like ive always wanted to

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