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Boys: would you give this very cute teen actress a hug?
This 14 year old actress' T-shirt says "I need a hug".
she is 19 now and yes i would hug her, i would even hug you and everyone here :D hugs are good
Boys: Does this cute teen singer look good or is it inappropriate for her age?
I found these pictures of the hot singer and actress Jojo when she was 14 and I was wondering if you think she looks really good in one or both of these pics, or are the outfits and poses a bit too sexy and inappropriate for her age?


I'm not a guy but I can tell when girls are acting/looking inappropriate. These pictures are not inappropriate at all! She's not wearing revealing clothing and she's kinda just standing around (not in any risqué poses).
Boys: which of these 2 pics of this cute actress looks better?
Which pose and pic do you like best of this cute teen actress wearing the light blue shirt & jeans?


why are you obessed with jojo?
Boys: on a scale of 1-10 how cute is this new young teen actress?
Do you think this talented new 15 year old actress and singer is very good looking?
JoJo isn't new.. and she's 19 not 15.. but yeah, she's really pretty.
What are some cute hair cuts for teen girls with thick long hair? (Include picture with link)?
hi everyone, i have thick, long, dirty blond hair and i'm getting my hair cut tomorrow. since i have thick hair, i can't cut my hair shoulder length. it's about like this, but kinda straighter:…
so can anyone give me a link to a picture?
oh, and i want it to be kinda punk/preppy style, ya know?
You are able to have your hair thinned out, however, if you choose to keep the thickness I would suggest a layered "choppy" cut. That's where the ends of your hair are like a pixie cut, only longer. It will make your hair look less thick and be easier to style. The layered "choppy" cut is my personal favourite as it does have that punk/preppy style that is always so popular.
i have been trying to find miley cyrus's necklace from the teen choice awards, it was really cute and it went around her waist and it was just a chain.. let me know if you have any ideas !
here is a picture of it...
Wow you did all that looking for that?Lol
I'm a teen girl looking for a quality guitar strap that's still cute.?
For example, I really like Demi Lovato's:

I don't want the same exact one but so far the problem has been finding one online that's cute instead of boring or tacky.
Just try places like Guitar Center or anything of that nature.
But check back often because they constantly change the selection.
Cute, stylish hairstyles?
I have shoulder-length dirty blonde hair (darker though, brown-ish in color). It's naturally wavy though not curly wavy (like this:… which is the kinda hairstyle I desperately want).

My hair doesn't really curl like that no matter how hard I try (Without using a curling iron constantly) and usually I just straighten it or put it up in a pony tail. It gets really dull and I need a cute hair style for me.

(Btw I sooooorta look like the girl in the photo, though I have olive skin and darker eyes)

So like, do you have any good hairstyles or sites with good hairstyles (other than that site with the photo).
Cute Pigtails
Divide your hair out evenly. Include the bangs if they are long enough.
Take a small amount of hair (1/2 to 1 inch) from each side in the front or if you have bangs use your bangs.
Pull the small amount of hair up and brush it upwards. Then put the hair to the back of your hair and clip it or pin it down to secure it.
Take the remaining hair and tie it into two pigtails. Preferably tie it with a ribbon.
Curl the end of your pigtails to add cuteness. You don't have to.

Teased Ponytail
Style 1
Take a bit of hair near the back of your head (about 4 inches wide) use your hand to form a small bump and backcomb it near the bottom several times. Secure it down loosely with a couple bobby pins.
Take another strand of hair from the center of your head (about 5 inches in width), backcomb, and pin it down over the first bump.
Part your bangs to a side of your choice, and hairspray to hold the look.
Finish with a head band or tie your hair up for a sophisticated pony!
Style 2
Start with your hair parted its usual way.
Take a section of your hair in the front where your hair line is (it needs to be thick but not too thick).
Start to twist it around about 3 times, while bringing it back.
Push barely to the front so that it makes a bump about an inch or 2 high.
Secure with a clip to the top of your head.
Use a curling iron to make your hair bouncy and fun!
Style 3
Put your hair in a basic ponytail, high or low doesn't matter but a low one would work best with very long hair.
Put elastics down the ponytail every 2-3 inches, or 1 inch if you have short hair. Use small, thin, covered elastics -or rubber bands- that are close to the color of your hair.
Pull the elastics down a little bit and then up again for pretty poof.
Voila! Accessorize with a cute headband or head wrap.

Scrunched Hair
Method 1
Take a shower or make sure your hair is wet.
Comb through your hair and make sure that is thoroughly combed.
Towel dry your hair, but not completely. Your hair still needs to be damp.
Take some gel or mousse ,use more if you have thick hair,and scrunch your hair in your hand while blow drying to solidify.
Add some Aloe Vera shine serum.

Another type of scrunch
Take a shower or drench hair.
comb through hair.
towel dry hair but make sure hair is still damp.
Put hair half up and straighten the bottom.
Once bottom is straighten put the rest down and follow the rest of the steps in method one to scrunch.
If you have bangs, do not straighten them! It looks cute!.
Your ready to go!

Messy Bun
Method 1
Start by washing your hair or just rinsing it.
Then Brush your hair back, leaving you without a part.
Take small sections of hair and "scrunch" (with gel) sections up to desired height of bun.
Secure with a hair tie and add some mousse.
Make the bun look loose with hair spray and gel.
Tousle with fingers to make more of a messy look.
Method 2
Make sure your hair is brushed, but if there are some knots, let them be.
Flip your head upside down and gather up all your hair.
Tie it tight into a big bun with a ponytail holder ontop of your head.
Now you have a cute bun!

Side ponytail
Make a low or high ponytail on the side of your head, it doesn't matter if its on the right or left side.
Secure with hair tie.
Add a cute bow, ribbon, or hair clip if desired.

High and low ponytails
To make a high ponytail, you first need to make sure your hair is smooth and brushed. Brush your hair back so there isn't a part and then brush all your hair toward the point on your head which you want it to be. Make sure it looks smooth and neat, then secure it with an elastic.
Or another easy way is to put your head upside down, grab ALL of your hair, then you will have a high pony tail! (I do it this way all the time for my pony tails!)
To make a low ponytail, follow the same directions for high ponytail but instead secure to the back of your neck.
Add cute accessories (optional).
Braiding the hair of your low ponytail will give it a romantic feel(opt.).
Crimp or straighten the pony tail (optional). And you're done!

Flip your hair upside-down and part your hair horizontally about a 1/3 away from your hairline.
Brush the ponytail smooth or leave it messy.
Secure with a hair-tie or a hair-clip.

Hair in clip
Take a small amount of hair from each side of your head.
Bring these two parts together to the middle of your scalp and secure with a clip or pin.
Brush the remaining hair down and style the rest as you please.

Hair poof
Grab your hair like a "half ponytail."
Instead of securing it as a ponytail. Use the other hand to push it up (it will be on top of your head)
Secure with a big "head clip" so that it can flair out and poof or fan out on top of you head
Experiment on how to make it look the way you want it.

Pompadour style
Take about a medium
Boys: How old does this teen singer look?
If you didn't know this very cute looking singer was 14, how old would you guess she is just by how she looks?
about 17.

Shes actually 19, my age.
Why this older woman/younger boy couple look cute but not other way around?
Why do most people say this woman in her early 20s & her teen boyfriend make a cute couple and they would think she is teaching her younger boyfriend about relationships & how to treat girls, but if it were the other way around and a 22 year old man had an age girlfriend people would call him a pervert and assume he is taking advantage of the girl?
Lol, that is one lucky 12 year old. But I should say it.. NO! I shouldn't.. but I will... fake.

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