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All Comments

What all college boys want to share or read on the net?
I want to start a web business for college boys. I want to know more what in particluar and in general all college boys want to share or to read? THANK YOU!
Errm.. Porn?

Maybe stuff to do with cars, sports..

I'm not a boy by the way..
College boys..........................…
might sound like a dumb question...=/

i've had bad luck with guys for as long as i can remember. i'm extremely smart, attractive, and have a good sense of humor but the guys always want flings with me. (i've never had sex, but fool around)

i was talking to a guy friend of mine, and i said "well hopefully i'll meet some nice guys when i go to college in the fall."

he said " won't find good guys in college, they'll still be *****."

I know some will still be *****, but do u think any are actually mature? or are the majority still IDIOTS even in college
listen, dont think about fidning a good guy just yet, you expect something you'll never get it! so just concentrate on your priorities and when you lest expect it he'll show up, whoever he is!
What are the things i need to say in a college boys rap contest?
What are the things i need to say in a college boys rap contest
Watch 8 Mile it'll teach you the secrets. haha
How to flirt with college boys?
I'm a freshman in college and there's this boy in two of my classes. I don't know him very well yet, but from what I do know, I like him. How can I flirt, get to know him better, etc, without being too obvious? Or is obvious what I need to be?
I'm sooooo drunk seems to be a common college mating call. In reality when you see him out of class just say hey aren't you in my ****** class? If you see him in class and are able to say hello just ask how he likes the class or if he's ready for the final, etc. Basic conversation is the best. If you just start talking w/o pressure you'll see where the conversation goes. If the two of you already talk just ask what hobbies he has, what he likes to do on the weekends, where he's from, etc., etc., etc.
I'm fed up with high school boys. Is moving up to college boys a bad idea?
I'm a Junior in high school
All the high school boys i've met / dated are not really what i'm looking for
A lot of people say college guys are a BAD idea, is this true?
Emily J,
I think dating older, college guys is a great idea and im goign to join you in the search. anyone younger than a freshman in college be a dink fo sho.
How can Morehouse college be an all boys college if it is goverment funded?
Isnt' if something is goverment funded like colleges can only be finded if it is for boys and girls?
Morehouse is a private college, as is Spelman. I don't know how much federal funding either school recieves, but both colleges are part of a consortium of undergraduate schools that allow students to cross-regsiter at the universities that are part of the consortium.
Why there aremore girls studying in college than boys?
Since my college days upto now, there more girls studying in college than boys. This can also be proven that there are more girls graduated in college because most of the employees are girls.
At least in our area, many of the guys are able to go into the same work that their fathers did and start at a great pay grade. (Most of these jobs are hard physical labor jobs) I think the girls are aware that without the education they may have a tougher time earning equal pay. Without a college education, few women would be able to rise above minimum wage. Thirty years ago a woman could realistically expect a husband/father to support her and their guyren. Statistics are not in favor of women or guyren any longer, and those women who are awake are aware of this. They push to empower themselves more than the men because they realize they may need to support themselves and their guyren one day.
A plumber came to the rescue to cap the oil leak in the gulf,again the college boys can't get it done?
Common sense will always win over a college educate,boy who is wrapped to tight.
That's why I am a Plumber!!!!!!
Are the college boys going to prank me at camp?
Last Year, the boys sprayed me with shaving cream on my back and drew on my arms and legs.
I got them back by switching their beds
I am the youngest camper at 20, so it makes sense that I was the prime target of a prank.
Considering the college boys sound like complete d-bags, you're probably gonna be unlucky anytime soon...

Just... good luck. Sucks being the youngest of the pack.
College boys in the art class sort of agreed they would draw each others sisters nude and my turn is coming?
Some of the girls have not been letting their brothers see them naked and it's a little awkward because my turn is coming up.
if you want to then thats fine, but they really are supposed to hire models, and even if it is art your brother should not be putting you through this awkward situation

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