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Is bircial black/white dating a white considerd an interracial couple?
I am black/white and my boyfriend is white yet we are considered to be interracial, even though I am half white. Yet if I was dating a black guy it would not be considered so. Why is this?
I don't considered it interracial dating but that's me. I know some people do. If you black/white than you both.
Are there cultural differences between black dating and white dating?
If you've dated both black people and white people, have you noticed any cultural (or otherwise) differences between dating them?
Depends on the culture they are raised in
Is it more common to see Hispanic dating White than Hispanic and White dating Black?
I live in Las Vegas and my High School has Hispanic boys dating White girls and White boys dating Hispanic girls. I haven't seen either one dating black. This question is not meant to be racist or anything is just an observation.
Because the ones in California love each other more... thats not true actually, lol. Mexican men hate Black men and vice versa, but lots of Mexican guys like Black girls and lots of Black guys like Mexican girls. Thats how we roll in California, like sushi. Mmm :)
What perception do you get when you see a white guy dating a black girl?
we all know the perception of white girl dating black guy lol but what about the other way around where the girl is black dating a white guy?

just curious.. feel free to share your input.
Black chicks can be HHOOTT...

If she is hot, I think "DAMN... What a lucky guy!"

Love is Love is Love...

It doesn't matter what the people look like if they are in love...

Love of any kind should be celebrated.
What is your stance on white girls dating black guys?
I live a rural town in Mississippi where most people [white and black] tend to have an issue with the very idea of interracial dating. In fact, the high school here prohibits anyone from having a prom date who isn't the same color as you. [No joke]. I just want to know what other people think about it and if they are as open minded as me and some of my friends.
Well you live in one of the most racist parts of America. Disregard what your town is telling you. Graduate High School, Travel, and Read. You already sound too smart to stay down there. FYI the President elect is the product of an Interracial Marriage so obviously it's not everywhere. Definitely not the educated American population.
What do you white men think about white men dating black women?
what do you black men think about black women dating white men?
I think it's great.
Why do some white people accuse me of being racist if I don't like black men dating white women?
Black women don't like black men dating white women, but nobody calls them racist. Black men don't
like white men dating black women, nobody calls them racist? But if a white man has a NATURAL
response of not liking black men dating white women, we are evil and scum (according to a some). Anyone who thinks black men don't like white men dating their women is living in a fantasy world.
Im all for that love who want no matter what....but i do want to stay within my race...when i see black men stepping out it kinda bothers me because we are already the minority and with all the majority of black men are filling up the prisons t makes it hard to find a good black man...and looking at a brother doing real good for himself with a white gurl on his arm..its like a punch in the face to not against it but it hurts....its like giving money to the rich, instead of giving it to a person who really needs it...thats just me tho....ain't nothing gonna change tho so why bother
Do you think there will be more black women and white men interracial dating in the future?
There are so many black men dating white girls and it like most white guys are skeptical about black girls and black girls who are skeptical about white guys. But if the white girls and black guys date interracially statistically it would force white men and black women to be more open to each other. Does anyone else think there will be a dating phenomenon of black women and white men?
Yes, especially with the off spring of interracial black men/white women. Plus younger people today are more open to it
Why do some black men dislike black women dating white men, but are happy to date white women themselves?
Im a 21yro white male from the UK, and tend to only date black or mixed race women.
WM dating BW is the last thing on my mind i cant speak for every black man though...

theres so many women out there why limit ourselves to one race.
How is this a valid argument against black women dating white men?
When black women talk about their frustration with how black men treat them and may choose to date white men...

I have heard the argument that black women will face racism from white men's family if they choose to date them.

This still does not negate the fact that black men are treating black women poorly and it's not defending against how white men will treat them, but rather how society will view bw/wm relationship.

How is this a valid defense?
It isn't a valid argument at all. crappy men come in all do racist families. u dont have to deal with one just to get the opposite of the other (if that's understandable lol). and ur last bit of info lost me too..seems redundant (or some other word that describes unnecessary info).

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