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All Comments

Who are some female Asian models/Actors who have blue eyes?
I don't think it's possible for Asians to have naturally blue eyes unless they're half-Asian.
Are there any Asian male models in America?
I have rarely seen Asian female models in several magazines, but I have never seen an Asian male model in an American magazine. Are there any, and can you name a few?
Here's a few in this link
But I agree I rarely see them in fashion magazines.
Are there any Asian-Turkish female models?
and if yes what is their name?
Of corz there are (I mean Turkish ones)! Çağla Şikel, Cansu Dere, Asuman Crause, Deniz Akkaya..But I don't know about Asians..
Who is the hottest and sexist asian/import female model?
I'm doing a photoshop to change the head of the body, the body is very hot and sexy but the head and face isn't that pretty so I want to change the head and make it look like it hasn't been photoshop, make it look real
You are: )
Who is the female asian model in the Old Navy TV ad for summer dresses?
The specific ad has a song playing that goes "you're so beautiful..."
Victoria's Secret model Jarah Mariano.
Who are the (female)asian supermodels working the catwalks of milan, paris, new york...etc?
are there any elite asian models sashaying down the catwalks?
anybody have any names? thanks.
ai tominaga..i saw her for gucci i think.. and on vogue japan.
devon aoki.. and naomi campbell is part asian..same wit tyson beckford..

but you say "super"model.. theres not many "supermodels" of any race lately.. that died out in the 90's... theres only a few left.. actresses have taken over.
I am a tall asian female, should i try modeling?
i am 5ft10, size 2 (i think) recently gained weight to 130 but will loss soon! shoes: 7.5
i did few modeling stuff before, and just few, im not sooo crazy about it
but i constantly hear from people that i should do modeling, but i know to be a model is esay but actually be good and famous its really hard!
but then again, there isnt that many chinese/asian modeling here anyways! should i do it? since i got the height?
sure why not.
when you've got nothing to loose then there is no harm trying something that could lead to a great career or a step up in life.
I cant really tell what the future brings for you.
But with the right attitude you could probably do well.
Kimmora Lee Simons is the only asian model i can think of, shes 6ft and got her own label "baby phat" so she's doing very well.
then again there is supermodel Devon Aoki and she is only 5ft 5 so height doesnt have anything to do with it.
What sets you apart is your personality and what you can bring to the modeling industry.

I dont reccomend loosing weight because there are so many underweight models in the industry and being at your healthy weight could set you apart and make you stand out.

There have been many eras in the modeling world.
from the cindy crawfords, kate moss's and gisele bundchens.
I definitely think you should bring on the asian/exotic era and shape the modeling world!

good luck and make sure you find a reputable agency.
Do you think there should be more Asian models that work internationally?
i personally think the whole brazilian-european dominance is getting kinda old. there are females all over the world that will look just as beautiful, and even more unique on the runway or in mags/catalogs.
but i dont see them anywhere!! take victoria's secret. they dont have one asian model.

so what is your opinion?
I definitely think there should be. Height is not an issue. If you look at Hong Kong and Shanghai Fashion Weeks, the catwalks are full of tall, gorgeous Asian models. I also worked on a shoot in Taiwan and the shortest female model there was 5'10" so there are tall Asian girls.

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