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Any idea where i can hold auditions for my newest adult movie?
Suggested Category - Arts & Humanities > Performing Arts
can me an my girlfriend audition for you at our house ?
I am a 23 year old male and was wandering how to become an adult movie actor.?
now obviously i know the mentality associated with the desire to become a adult movie actor is usually quite immature but i think it would be a good career; or at least a stepping stone before i do what i really want. iv read a couple of questions like my own and i just want to say i don't want to become a model, not that i could, i was just wandering if anyone knows any numbers, addresses to write to, or places to "audition". thanks to everyone in advance who answers this question.
Lets clarify here, adult movie actor as in Adult films meaning porn? Or adult movie actor meaning you are over the age of 21 and would like to become a professional actors in mainstream films?

Assuming the latter there is no one address to write to or place to audition. You have to build your career just like you would any other. It is a multi year process.You'll need training, you'll need to start building your resume. If you're in a city like LA or NYC you will find out who all the extras and under 5 casting directors are from your network of entertainment people which you will have started to meet in places like your classes. Eventually you'll learn which agencies you should be targeting for representation. It's just a slow build up over time.

Now if you're really talking about Adult Film as in porn it is actually not all that different except training as an actor is not a requirement. "Performing" on command is.
How can I audition for movie roles, TV shows or commercials?
I'm 14 and since I was about 6 or 7 years old I've always wanted to become and actress but I never really had the chance to become one I mean I've looked everywhere for auditions but most of them are for adults. I've always wanted to be on Disney Channel but I can never find anything that can take me there. So I was wondering if someone can help me find auditions for movie roles, tv shows or commercials for a 14 year old girl. PLEASE HELP.
If you want to start being in national television or commercials asap then you need an agent, and the good ones dont come cheap. So I recommend you get into your high school theater as of now because, when you get to the point where you are auditioning, its really important that you have experience.
If you were auditioning for an adult movie this weekend
what would your character be called....? Clean answers only please
Jenna Taylor. say it fast a few times!
Are there are LEGAL adult movies you take a moral stand against watching?
I'm not talking about illegal movies, but ones that are within the rules that still are wrong.

For example, I don't watch ones where the naive woman is "tricked" into "auditioning" to be an actress and make $1000s when in reality she's not being paid and the filmmaker has no ties to the industry other than his homemade little film.
Yeah.. I don't watch the ones where the hot bombshell chicks are dancing in the club and they get all turned on my the super geek with glasses and a pocket protector....Come one..those are just not realistic.
Where can I find a good monologues for youthful adult female, age 30?
I'm looking for a quality audition monologue 1 - 3 minutes long. Preferably from a show, ie: theater, play, movie, etc. (I don't like those made up monologue books for actors.) I am a youthful adult female, caucasion-anglosaxton, plays between the ages of 25 - 35 years old. Nothing racy or innappropriate please.
Here are some links to on-line monologues. I'm sure you'll find something that suits your personality. (movie monologues)…
Is anyone looking for a 13 year old teen to audition for a movie, commercial,music video,short film etc?
I want to start acting. I am 13 and I am 5'9 in height and I am very athletic for further information please leave contact information name, e-mail and movie description. I would like the movie to be between the ratings of G- PG. I would like to act in something that doesn't have adult content. If it's a commercial same rules no adult content. No adult content applys to everything. I am willing to do this for free. I would also like to no which movie production company your with. Thanks alot!!!
Hi Mike,

Never ever try to get a job over the internet. The world is full of creepy sleazy people and scam artists. If you want to start acting you should take some acting classes and have your parents find you an agent with a reputable company. Auditions are sometimes posted online but you have to know where to look and who is trustworthy and who is not. That's why you need an agent.
I want to be a adult film star?
how do you start a career in the in the adult movie business. I know that you have to audition. I was just wondering if you need a permit or license or something else to do that kind of work. Also do you know if they get benefits such as 401k or health insurance
no you don't want to work as a porn star, and as for health take care of that yourself, as you are gonna need it!!!…

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